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Question: What are the dates of the ROI MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s?

Answer: It starts on 20th March 2019 and ends on 30th April 2019 inclusive.

You will be able to buy promotional food items by going to participating McDonald’s Restaurants in the Republic of Ireland and start playing for a chance to win the Collect to Win and Instant Win prizes from 10.30am on 20th March 2019.

Question: When do I have to make my prize claim?

Answer: The last date to claim prizes is 28th May 2019. Some discount voucher-prizes may be redeemed a bit later, but please check dates printed on game pieces and see Rules for full details of all the prizes and how to claim them.


Question: Who can play the ROI MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s?

Answer: We would love to be able to let everyone play but unfortunately, there are restrictions.

  • You must be aged 16 or over;
  • a resident of the Republic of Ireland;
  • must not be directly associated with McDonald’s or the relevant Charity connected with the promotion or indirectly associated through a company assisting McDonald’s with the Promotion, or indirectly associated through a family or household member.

Question: I am under 16 – can I still buy menu items which qualify for a game pieces label, even though I can’t play?

Answer: Yes, however, you are not allowed to play and you can’t sell your MONOPOLY at McDonald’s label or game pieces. If you try to do so, your game pieces will become invalid.

Question: My child who is under 16 made a purchase and was provided with game pieces but has been told they cannot play or claim any prize – why is this?

Answer: Under the promotional Rules, only eligible people can play and claim prizes. This means you must be 16 or over, a ROI-resident and not an employee or family member of an employee of (i) McDonald’s (ii) the relevant Charities connected with the promotions, (iii) any promotional partners or agencies involved in assisting McDonald’s with the promotion. Most qualifying menu items come with game pieces attached to promotional packaging to make sure that all eligible customers get their game pieces. Anyone who isn’t eligible for any reason can still purchase items if they want.


Question: Who is the promotion operated by?

Answer: There are seven promotions being operated at the same time by McDonald’s as an agent for seven charities, please see Rules at www.mcdonalds.ie/monopoly/rules for full details of the Charities and the seven licences granted by the District Courts.

Question: What does ‘until stocks of available prizes last’ / the ‘Availability Cap’ mean?

Answer: As per the Lottery Licences granted by the District Courts, once prizes to a value of €30,000 per Lottery Licence, per Promotion, per week have been won, no further prizes can be won that week. See clause 4.1 of the Rules for full details of the prizes to be won under each Lottery Licence.



Question: What is a MONOPOLY at McDonald’s label?

Answer: A MONOPOLY at McDonald’s label is also referred to as a game pieces label. You’ll find a MONOPOLY at McDonald’s label attached to selected menu items served in promotional packaging. Each game label comprises of a number of game pieces, which are the bits you peel off to play.

Question: What is a game piece?

Answer: Individual game pieces are what you use to play the game - these are the bits you peel off the game label to play! NOTE: you cannot stick down your game piece onto a gameboard or paper as they do not have a ‘sticky’ layer. Please keep your game pieces safe by storing somewhere safe, like a wallet or purse.

Question: Do I have to make a purchase to get a game piece and which menu items do I have to buy?

Answer: Yes, game labels come affixed to our promotional food items. Game labels are only provided with the following qualifying menu items:



Single Label (1 Game Piece) or Double Label (2 Game Pieces)

Medium Fries

Single Label

Large Fries

Single Label

Cadbury Creme Egg or Cadbury Caramel McFlurry®

Single Label

Mozzarella Dippers

Single Label

Medium Carbonated Soft Drink

Double Label

Large Carbonated Soft Drink

Double Label

Chicken Legend®

Double Label

Chicken Selects® 3 or 5 Pieces

Double Label

Chicken Big Tasty®

Double Label

Big Tasty® without Bacon*

Double Label

Big Tasty® with Bacon*

Double Label

Any item from The Signature Collection™*

Double Label

Any Big Flavour Wrap**

Double Label

Chicken & Bacon Salad or Chicken Salad**

Double Label

Regular Iced Frappé/Iced Fruit Smoothie

Double Label

Large Iced Frappé/Iced Fruit Smoothie

Double Label

Any Meal
(Medium or Large)

Any Main listed above

See above

Any other Main not listed above

No Label

Medium Fries or Large Fries

Single Label

Any Other Side***

Double Label

Any Drink***

Double Label


Game pieces are fixed to the packaging in advance for most of the qualifying items, though sometimes a Crew Member will apply a MONOPOLY at McDonald’s label to some types of menu item by hand.

Please note

  • Qualifying menu items are served after 10.30am
  • Game pieces are always subject to availability and on some types of item game pieces may run out before the end of the promotion
  • *Big Tasty®, Big Tasty® with Bacon and The Signature Collection™ are not available at “limited menu restaurants”
  • **Packaging for a Big Flavour Veggie Wrap, a Chicken & Bacon Salad or a Chicken Salad DO NOT feature a game piece label, however purchases of these products do qualify for a Double Label
  • *** “Other Sides” comprise of Shaker Side Salads, Vegetable Bags and Fruit Bag. Excludes Twisty Fries which is not a qualifying menu item for the Promotion. “Any drink” comprises of any carbonated soft drink or non-carbonated bottled drink or hot drink when purchased as part of a meal

Please also note:

  • Any award of Game Pieces which is not as advertised and is made at a restaurant (1) for an item which is not a qualifying item, (2) for a qualifying item where the award is greater than the number of Game Pieces described above as corresponding for that qualifying item, or (3) for any other reason, shall in each of these cases be deemed to have been made by the relevant server for that restaurant in the server’s discretion and does not give rise in the same or similar circumstances to a right to the same or other favourable treatment for any other person; and
  • Beverages affected by the Government’s Soft Drinks Industry Levy are subject to an additional charge which is included in the prices shown in restaurants.

Question: Where can I buy qualifying menu items to get a game piece?

Answer: All restaurants will stock qualifying menu items at the start of the Promotion. However please note: Big Tasty® or Big Tasty® with Bacon and The Signature Collection™ items are available in most restaurants but are not available at “limited menu restaurants”. For further details, ask in restaurant or see Rules.

Question: Can I order qualifying menu items through Uber Eats?

Answer: Yes. If you have a restaurant that can support delivery via Uber Eats, then you can use Uber Eats to order any of the menu items which qualify for game pieces.

Please note that supply of game pieces is always subject to availability. So, if your restaurant temporarily runs out at any time, or if towards the end of the promotion some types of qualifying menu item start to run out of MONOPOLY at McDonald’s labels altogether, you may not receive the game pieces that you hoped for. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to find out if this applies to the items you wish to order without going to a restaurant and asking a Crew Member in person before placing your order at the restaurant.

Please also note that food prizes cannot be redeemed when ordering McDonald’s food items via Uber Eats. If you have a winning food voucher-prize, you can only redeem it in a restaurant by handing the winning Game Piece to a Crew Member at front counter, no other method of redemption is permitted.

Question: Will the game pieces run out at my McDonald’s restaurant and why does this happen?

Answer: McDonald’s has carefully estimated demand when producing the total number of game pieces and then allocating them to the different types of packaging for menu items. But it’s always likely that some items will be more popular than expected and that others will be less so and that this situation will change from restaurant to restaurant. As a result, it’s not possible to say for how long a particular restaurant will have stocks of game pieces for particular menu items.

We deliberately don’t over-print game pieces at the risk of increasing the number which are left over at the end of the Promotion. This is because we want our customers to have a fair chance of finding the winning game pieces.

Customers wishing to obtain MONOPOLY at McDonald’s Labels towards the end of the Promotion should check at the customer’s selected restaurant which qualifying menu items are most likely still to be supplied with game pieces, before placing an order. If the promotion proves more popular than anticipated it’s likely that more restaurants will run out of game pieces for more items.

Question: Can I redeem my MONOPOLY at McDonald’s food vouchers through Uber Eats?

Answer: No. Unfortunately it is not possible to redeem food voucher prizes via orders taken by Uber Eats. If you have a winning food voucher-prize, you can only redeem it in a restaurant by handing the winning Game Piece to a Crew Member at front counter, no other method of redemption is permitted..

Question: I have a game piece from a previous MONOPOLY Promotion, can I use it?

Answer: No. Every year is a brand new game and game pieces must only be used for the yearly promotion and country they have been produced for, so we can only accept game pieces and their codes from the 2019 MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s Restaurants of Ireland.

For the avoidance of doubt, any game pieces or labels produced at any time for McDonald’s promotions in the UK or another country (and any prize claims arising out of such other promotions and countries) shall not be valid for the purposes of the 2019 MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s Restaurants of Ireland.

Question: Do I need a game board and where can I find one?

Answer: No, you don’t need a game board and you are no longer able to stick your game pieces on to a game board. A picture of a game board is still provided on trayliners and pocket-sized leaflets, but they are just for information.


Question: What are the different ways to play the ROI MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s?

Answer: There are two ways to play:

  • Instant Win Game
  • Collect to Win Game

Question: What types of game piece do I need for the 2 ways to play?

Answer: Peeling off the game label can reveal the following 2 types of game pieces:

  1. Instant Win game pieces
  2. Property game pieces
  • Instant Win game pieces for the chance to win a range of Instant Win prizes. Head into restaurant to claim McDonald’s food voucher prizes, and for any other prizes, claim online by following the instructions printed on the game piece.
  • Property game pieces for the Collect to Win Game, in which you need to collect and complete a MONOPOLY Property Set (such as all 4 Stations) to win a range of Collect to Win prizes. Claim online by following instructions printed on the game piece.

Question: What do I do with my game pieces after a claim?

Answer: Once a game piece or code has been used in a claim or partial claim by anyone, no one can use it again for that claim. You also need to keep your game pieces safe even after you’ve used them, as McDonald’s may ask to see your game pieces as part of its verification processes. Remember to keep your game pieces safe and private so that no one else can use the game piece or its codes. To make sure they’re kept private – don’t share photos of them on social media sites or with anyone else.

Question: I have a faulty game piece, what do I do?

Answer: If your game piece or MONOPOLY at McDonald’s label is already damaged when you receive it in restaurant, you must immediately point this out in the restaurant so that your MONOPOLY at McDonald’s label can be replaced with an undamaged one. Unfortunately, any issue can’t be rectified after leaving the restaurant.


You can see the Prizes available to be won on either;

  • the website at mcdonalds.ie/monopoly
  • or see Rules in-store or on the website
  • and pocket-sized leaflet or trayliners available in participating restaurants will show the full range of Collect to Win prizes as well as a selection of Instant Win prizes available to be won

Question: I think I have won.How do I claim a prize?

Answer: This depends type of game piece you have and the prize you’ve won:


Whether you have an Instant Win game piece for a food voucher prize or the Collect to Win Brown Property set (Crumlin and Kimmage) for a McDonald’s Medium Extra Value Meal, then these game pieces can only be redeemed in a restaurant by handing the winning Game Piece(s) NO LATER THAN 28th May 2019 to a Crew Member at front counter before ordering. no other method of redemption is permitted.

Please note:

  • Only food prizes can be redeemed at McDonald’s restaurants.
  • Food prizes cannot be redeemed at Self Order Kiosks or when ordering McDelivery via Uber Eats.
  • Only 1 food prize can be redeemed per person in any 4 hourly period.
  • A person wishing to place an order on behalf of another person and to use a food prize-voucher for that other person, should first check with restaurant staff that they do not first require sight of such other person before accepting the voucher for that other person.
  • None of the menu items described in a food prize voucher can be swapped for any other menu item.
  • If redeeming the Collect to Win Brown Property Set (Crumlin and Kimmage), you will be able to choose your Meal prize from the following items:

Medium Extra Value Meal

Medium Big Mac®

Medium Quarter Pounder™ with Cheese

Medium McChicken® Sandwich

Medium 6 Chicken McNuggets®

Medium Filet-O-Fish®

Medium Chicken Legend® (including Hot & Spicy, BBQ Sauce and Cool Mayo)

Medium 3 or 5 Piece Chicken Selects®

Vegetable Deluxe

Big Flavour Wrap Meal:

The Spicy Veggie One

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One

The Sweet Chilli Chicken One

The Fiery Buffalo Chicken One

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One

  • For the Medium Extra Value Meal prize, not all drinks are included as part of the price. So if you want to choose a drink which is subject to an extra charge when selected as part of a Medium Extra Value Meal, then you may do so only if you order via a Crew Member (not a Self Order Kiosk) and pay the advertised, additional charge stated on the menu boards in each restaurant.
  • Unfortunately the Medium Extra Value Meal prize cannot be upgraded to a Large Extra Value Meal, even by offering to pay extra. This is because the tills can only be programmed to accept the prize in the form of a medium sized Extra Value Meal.
  • You can find a full list of McDonald’s food prizes in section 4.1 and 4.2.9 of the Rules.

Instant Win: Instructions to claim each Instant Win prize are printed on each winning game piece. Claim by no later than the expiry date printed on each game piece.

For discount voucher prizes, please visit the website address (URL) on your winning game piece and follow the instructions on the prize provider website. If you have problems using your code, please contact the prize provider directly using the contact details found on their website.

Collect to Win: First you need a completed Property Set of Collect to Win game pieces. Instructions to claim are printed on each winning game piece. Claim by no later than 28th May 2019.

Question: How soon will I receive my prize?

Answer: This can differ depending on the prize won; check the Rules to find out more. For most prizes other than food or discount voucher prizes, please allow at least 30 days for us to get your prize to you. If you do not receive your prize within this time, you can email the MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s Customer Service Team at prizequery@mcdmonopolyquery.com

Question: Do I still need to keep my game pieces after claiming my prize?

Answer: Yes! McDonald’s may require to see them to verify your claim. Verification can take place even after notification that an award is being made. Please take care not to lose or damage your game piece – it will become void for all purposes if you do.

Why do I need to be 18 or older to claim some prizes?

Answer: There are a variety of reasons why there are age restrictions for some prizes. Some are due to the high value of some prizes, others are due to age limits stipulated by our partner prize providers. For example, for prizes like the NOW TV Passes or Sky Store Online Movie Vouchers, content available on these sites may not be suitable for people under the age of 18 and therefore will require a parent/guardian to complete the prize claim on their behalf.


Question: Why is the MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s website not working?

Answer: Oh no! There could be a number of reasons for this, please try the following:

  • Check if your Internet access is currently connected, try using your device’s troubleshoot function if there are problems
  • Ensure you can access other sites online
  • Check the website address you have entered is correct and that you have entered it into the correct area in your browser – the promotional website is: www.mcdonalds.ie/monopoly

If you continue to have problems please email the McDonald’s Customer Services team at prizequery@mcdmonopolyquery.com

Question: How can I find out about how my personal data will be managed, should I provide any?

Answer: Please check clause 8 of the Rules for more information on our Privacy Policy and how we handle your personal data.

Question: Is it possible to claim a prize through Facebook?

Answer: No, to claim a prize follow the instructions printed on winning game piece(s) or check the Rules. Do not post / share your MONOPOLY game pieces or their codes on social media.

Question: Where can I see the full Terms & Conditions / Rules of the ROI MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s?

Answer: A copy of the full Promotion Rules can be found on posters in-store or on the website www.mcdonalds.ie/monopoly until 31st August 2019.

Question: My question hasn’t been answered by any of these FAQs, so what do I do now?

Answer: You can make contact with the McDonald’s Customer Services team by sending an email to prizequery@mcdmonopolyquery.com