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Sources for referenced facts in our current Wraps TV Advertisement

Lunch. From the bygone word ‘Luncheon’.

From source: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/luncheon

"Origin -Late 16th century"

Meaning ‘hunk of bread or cheese’

From source: https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=luncheon

500 years on, 40% of us still choose a sandwich.

From source: https://www.rte.ie/lifestyle/food/2018/0123/935407-ireland-drinks-15-million-cups-of-tea-every-day/

And cheese is still the favourite, along with ham.

Trev says: Tuna’s third, mind.

From source: https://www.irishmirror.ie/whats-on/comedy-news/new-irish-slang-book-reveals-8968280

From source: https://www.independent.ie/life/food-drink/food-news/irelands-favourite-sandwich-is-not-what-you-think-it-is-36127997.html

Every lunch hour…

…we eat 300,000 bowls of soup.

The article states that 45% of us have soup throughout the course of a typical week.

Population of Ireland is 4.78 million, 45% of that is 2.15 million, divided by 7 is 307,542

From source: https://www.checkout.ie/retail-intelligence/two-thirds-adults-eat-sandwiches-lunch-least-week-39314

… 500,000 baked beans

According to Heinz, 9,446,718 units of baked beans are sold every year in Ireland. (https://fact.cat/which-country-consumes-the-most-baked-beans/)

9,446,718 / 365 = 25,881.42 (beans sold per day)

25,881.42 / 24 = 1,078.40 (beans sold per hour)

According to Heinz there is 465 beans per standard 415g can. https://www.heinz.co.uk/FAQs

1,078 x 465 = 501,452 beans every hour (avg.)

From source: https://fact.cat/which-country-consumes-the-most-baked-beans/

…And 61% of us have the same lunch. Every. Single. Day.

From source: Omnibus survey conducted by Populus.


Survey independently conducted with question asked by Populus.

Sample size 1007
Male 493
Female 514

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